1. Visit patients in their homes in various parts of Central Province, on a monthly basis when ever possible with a Social Service Officer

2. Provide patients with medical advice, medical care, psychological and social support

3. Helping families with employment and children’s education

4. Patient adoption programs where a monthly stipend is paid.

5. Supplying patient's requirements
Wheel chair Approx. Rs.15,000 (USD 100)
Commode chair Approx. Rs.10,000 (USD 80)
Water mattress Approx Rs.15,000 (USD 100)
Catheter, urine bags, walkers and special beds

6. Building toilets, repair of houses

7. Help in vocational training and home employment projects
Making envelopes & exercise books
Making candles
Managing small grocery stores
Selling lottery tickets
Computer training
Making greeting cards
Ornament making
Help in agricultural projects
Making brooms

Medical clinic for patients & their relatives Donation of Toilet chairs Donation of Walkers
Repair of his room Help in running a small shop Home visit; medical check up
Constructed a house for Gamini of Kothmale Handicrafts done by Gamini from Coconut shells Donation a Wheel Chairs
Mr. Gamini Sarath Kumara. 40 years, married and has one daughter. He is a complete paraplegic, following a fall from a tree in 2002. His wife and daughter have left him following his injury. He made use of his vocational training at Digana Rehabilitation Hospital and makes greeting cards and coconut shell ornaments and spoons and sells them at the local Sunday Fair. NIPS helped to build an adapted house and toilet with financial aid from the Rotarians Katugastotota. Mr. Saman Rupasinghe. 31 years single. Lives with his parents. He was a carpenter prior to his injury. He has complete paraplegia following a fall from a roof in 2002. NIPS has helped him with a wheel chair and a commode. A wood work machine was also given by St. Alfons Ceylon Hilfe Germany so that he can continue carpentry. Mr. Rajika Nugaliyadde. 33 years married with two sons. He is a complete paraplegic following a fall from a tree in 2006. He was a cook prior to his injury. Following the injury his wife left him and the two children are with the in-laws. He lives all alone on a wheel chair. He has started a home employment project of making exercise books and school stationary. NIPS through donors have given a paper cutting machine and a stock of paper.
Mr. Mohammed Khan—39 years, married with two children. He fell off a tree in 2003 resulting in complete paraplegia. He was a tailor prior to the injury. He lives with his family. A sewing machine was donated by NIPS. He together with his wife makes garments Mr. Budhika Ariyaratne. 24 years, single, fell from a tree in 2001. He is a complete paraplegic; he was given a computer and trained in computing Mr. Pathiratne. 45 years, married with 2 grown up children, fell from a tree in 2001. Wife left him after the injury. He is a tetraplegic, he was helped to run a grocery store and a monthly stipend is given to him.
Upali Jayasekara 38 years with a family. Fell from a electric pole. Tetraplegic, but recovered partially. NIPS helped by giving a milk cow, cattle shed and a commode toilet. A monthly stipend is given for children's education.

Special Bed

Donor Mrs Monique Teeuwen of SRO Committee, based in Netherlands

Opening a trade stall by a paraplegic on 3rd December, the "International Day of the Disabled". All items on sale were home employement products made by rehabilitated Paraplegics

Jayantha Warnakulasooriya is 47 years old, married with a ten year old son. He is complete paraplegic with a large bed sore who lived in a shack.

NIPS donated a wheel chair, toilet chair, water mattress, air cushion and supplies dressings for the wounds.

Small house was built with funds from donors and supplied with a radio and TV set.


Thilank Nishantha is 38 years old and he is a complete paraplegic following a fall in June 2005. He has good family support.
NIPS found a donor to build a commode toilet, gave him a water mattress, supplies and intermittent catheters. NIPS arranged a training course in wood carving at Wawinna and he was very successful.

A donor was found to build a small work place for him and will be completed soon.

Chaminda Ranasinghe is a 35 year old male.He is unmarried. He is a Tetraplegic due to a fracture dislocation of C5/C6, following fall from a tree in January 2005. He was a graduate and was due to take up his first teaching appointment on the day following his fall. A donor came forward and donated a computer and family got internet facilities, In his own words he says that the computer had made a tremendous difference in his life. He is able to help other students on how to use the computer. This has given a new meaning to his life.

All these projects were possible due to the generosity of foreign and local donors.
We thank them for their support.